MRU16: Map of Experience (South America)

“Fantasy” (2009) by Alejandro Zambra (Chile)
A truck brings three friends together.

“The Train Robber” excerpt from Amigas Mías (2002) by Ángela Pradelli (Argentina)
A woman encounters a thief on the train.

“Internal Affairs” (2007) by Santiago Roncagliolo (Peru)
A man’s friend joins the police department.

“The Handsomest Drowned Man In The World” (1968) by Gabriel García Márquez  (Colombia)
A village finds a drowned man and imagines the person he was.

“Borges’s Secretary” (2007) by Lúcia Bettencourt (Brazil)
A secretary’s influence on a famous writer.

“The Hen” (1964) by Clarice Lispector (Brazil)
A family and a Sunday hen.


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