Short short fiction

What do you think of short, short fiction (micro-fiction)?

How short is short, anyway?

1. Granta’s One Sentence Story Competition winner (selected by Jon McGregor):

“It was my turn to wear the dead boy’s glasses.” by Cassie Gonzales

2. From 100 Word Story “The Things Left Behind” photo prompt winner was Andrea Daniels, with the first line of “Milo was worried about his bean plant.”

100 Word Story’s most recent photo prompt is by Brittany Markert: “She evokes stories as much as she evokes places.”

3. Ten Micro Stories by Alex Epstein translated by Becka Mara McKay at Guernica Magazine

4. Can’t get enough? Three Micro-Stories by Alex Epstein

5. Esquire’s short short fiction contest winner (2011): “How the Blood Moves in Winter” by Nate Ochs with the first line “If you buy Marv a scotch he’ll tell you he hasn’t slept with her in a dozen years.”

6. Micro-fiction selected by David Gaffney for The Guardian and the full section here

7. UK’s National Flash-Fiction Day (May 16, 2012) with mixed results of 500 words or less


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