Stories that were left out

We are still putting together our Scandinavian/Nordic selection for MRU19, but here are a few of the stories that did not make the cut in previous MRU selections.

Abandoned gems? Tell us what you think.

All Over the World by Vincente Rivera Jr. (Philippines)

First line:  “One evening in August 1941, I came out of a late movie to a silent, cold night. I shivered a little as I stood for a moment in the narrow street, looking up at the distant sky, alive with stars.”

His Own System from Cars and Animals (2000) by Helle Helle (Denmark)

First line:  “All I had done was to hire a man to come and trim the apple tree.”

Manawatu from A Man Melting (2008) by Craig Cliff (New Zealand)

The Bather from the novel Amigas mías (2002) by  Ángela Pradelli (Argentina)

First line: “For more than ten years, Olga had been bathing people in their homes. She didn’t earn a fortune, but she lived comfortably.


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