Survey of the Short Story

Roberto Bolano

Advice on the Art of Writing Short Stories by Roberto Bolaño

When he was 44 years old, Bolaño offered 12 points of “advice” on writing short stories…

9. The honest truth is that with Edgar Allan Poe we would all have more than enough material to read.

10. Give thought to point number 9. Think and reflect on it. You still have time. Think about number 9. To the extent possible, do so on bended knees.

Labyrinth by Roberto Bolaño starts:

They’re seated. They’re looking at the camera. They are captioned, from left to right: J. Henric, J.-J. Goux, Ph. Sollers, J. Kristeva, M.-Th. Réveillé, P. Guyotat, C. Devade, and M. Devade.

There’s no photo credit.

Part 46 of A brief survey of the short story by the Guardian profiles Bolaño:

Speaking in 1998 he said, “I consider, in a very humble way, all my prose, and even some of my poetry, to be a whole. Not only stylistically, but also as a narrative.” Enjoying contrariness, Bolaño rowed back from this statement elsewhere, but the recurrence of characters, themes and incidents in his work is undeniable.

In considering Bolaño’s advice as intertextuality, we find at least two writers in the same survey:

Part 22 Julio Cortázar

Part 27 Jorge Luis Borges


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