Summer 2015 catching up with hot shorts

Vancouver Public Library display of short story collections

Vancouver Public Library display of short story collections

We could not help but be charmed and inspired by the Vancouver Public Library’s display of “Hot Shorts” to feature short story collections. It seems ever so long ago that a group of international readers (France, Germany, UK, Indonesia, China, Canada, US…) met in Shanghai on a weeknight to drink wine and discuss a themed selection of short stories.

We just finished reading short story collections by Alice Munro’s  Dear Life (2012) and Lorie Moore’s Bark (2014) and are eager to announce that MRU has moved to Vancouver, Canada! We hope you will join us in discussing short stories here and our next adventures in reading around the world…would it be possible to read a short story from each country in the world as inspired by the achievement of this special reader?

This is a season of exciting reading! Some news and highlights we have been following so far…

Best short sci-fi and speculative fiction so far

10 Fantastic Comic Books that Tell Women’s Stories

15 Best Nonfiction Books  So Far

2015 Man Book longlist diversity

Reading more works by women – an ongoing discussion #readwomen2014

Figures last year from Vida, the American organisation for women in the literary arts, show the huge imbalance in how male and female writers – and reviewers – are treated: at the New York Review of Books, for example, in 2012 16% of reviewers were women, with 22% of the books reviewed written by women. A similar investigation in the Guardian found that the UK is no better: in March 2013, 8.7% of books reviewed in the London Review of Books were by women, rising to 26.1% in the New Statesmen, and 34.1% in the Guardian.

Sexism in publishing debate

We welcome your comments and short story suggestions!


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