MRU29: Monster Mash

Shake in your boots, fine readers! Shanghai’s short story reading group micro readers united uncovers the beast for the annual monster round-up.

Date and time: Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at 19:00 / Venue: Wine Connection
Address: 439 Yuyuan Lu, near Wulumuqi Bei Lu, Jing’an district. Metro Station Jing’an Temple (Line 2,7) 静安区愚园路439号, 近乌鲁木齐北路

Makura-gaeshi "pillow-mover" monster

Makura-gaeshi “pillow-mover” monster

Selected Stories

“The Monster” (2013) by Ali Simpson (US)
A woman finds a monster in her closet.

“Monsters” (2010) by Pasha Malla (CA)
A story about different kinds of monsters.

Bonus: “Nightmare on George Street” (2010) by Pasha Malla

“How To Talk To Girls At Parties” (2006) by Neil Gaiman (UK)
Boys will be boys, and girls will be…?

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12×12 Short Stories

To mark the 12.12.12 date, we suggest

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been (1966) by Joyce Carol Oates (US)

The Veldt by Ray Bradbury (US)

Amundsen by Alice Munro (CA)

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MRU28: Between My Finger and My Thumb

Eoin Ryan (IR)

“Between my finger and my thumb/The squat pen rests./I’ll dig with it.”

Welcome back happy readers! This September, Shanghai’s short story reading group micro readers united spotlights stories from Celtic regions, plus a poem by Seamus Heaney. Thank you to Claire for the theme suggestion, and we also congratulate Anjuli on the launch of her website:! We read and discussed Anjuli’s stories as part of MRU23: Arabian Nights.

“First Confession” (1951) by Frank O’Connor (Ireland)

“Vanishing Point” (2010) by Louise Welsh (Scotland)

“The Other Man” (Dyn yr Eiliad) novel excerpt (2003) by Owen Martell (South Wales)

Bonus: “Digging” (1966) poem by Seamus Heaney (Ireland)

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Summer Reads 2013

Summer Reads

Still enjoying the hot summer and cool shade with just the right book.

What have you been reading this season? Some suggestions…

NPR Critics’ Lists covers a variety of themes

The Guardian picks their favs in fiction, non-fiction and crime reads

Esquire summer picks cover “cheese, some guns, a bit of sex, a trip to Ireland”

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MRU27: Moment of Grace

Myoung Ho Lee (KR)

Before the summer migration of the teachers, micro readers united, Shanghai’s short story reading group, finds inspiration in Flannery O’Connor. Stories and farewell drinks to send off Isabelle B.

“Green Rabbit Zone” from the collection The Iraqi Christ (2013) by Hassan Blasim (Iraq)

“A Good Man is Hard to Find” (1955) by Flannery O’Connor (US)

“Confession” (2012) by Care Santos (ES)

“The Fountain House” (2009) by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya (RU)


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MRU26: Horror

Alberto-Seveso (IT)

“From even the greatest of horrors irony is seldom absent” – H.P. Lovecraft

Instead of May flowers, we decided to sprout a bud of horror.

“Night Surf” from the collection Night Shift (1978) by Stephen King (US)

“Petting Zoo” (2012) by Peter de Niverville (CA)

“The Masque of the Red Death” (1842) by Edgar Allan Poe (US)

“Preserves for Life” (2011) by Olga Tokarczuk (PO)

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Atwood all the time

Alberto-Seveso (IT)

The match-up of Margaret Atwood and Haruki Murakami was most definitely a hit for MRU24. Atwood was victorious and we want to highlight a few more stories for your Sunday night reading pleasure.

I’m Starved For You: Positron, Episode One (excerpt)

Choke Collar: Positron, Episode Two (excerpt)

Erase Me: Positron, Episode Three (excerpt)

Pretend Blood

Margaret Atwood essay The Road to Ustopia

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